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custom optical design
TBV 2,5x low vision telescope
 TCC telescope to watch TV

TCC Telescope has been especially designed to reach a large field of view, so that provides the view in closed environments, and specifically, to watch TV.

The system allows to place corrective lenes for each user´s specific needs.

  TCC Telescope Technical Data
Optical system capability to bring near details: 1,6x
Field of view Viewing angle where it´s possible to find objects: 30º
Field of view at 4m
 Field of view´s size at 4m when using the telescope: 4,6m
  Features and Benefits

- Afocal lenses.
- Specially designed to minimize chromatic and geometric aberrations.
- Easy to use.
- Large field of view 30º.
- Multi-layer antireflection coating on all surfaces.
- Perfect aid to watch television.
- Corrective lenses use allowed.

  Additional Accesories for TCC Telescope
Custom corrective lenses
Threads for corrective lenses
Threads for eyeglass adjustment
Rings for proof eyeglasses
Adapters for organic glass eyeglasses
  And ...
Custom design for low vision aids

designers, we can offer a development service for custom aids. Our Research, Development and Innovative Department is ready to meet your needs at designing, manufacturing home systems, adapting and prototyping.
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