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why copihue?

Advantages and benefits of Copihue´s product range.

  • Our trade network´s outgoings are reduced and optimized because we use state-of-the-art information technologies. In fact, we know how to make business through the Internet and how to combine services from different worldwide providers.
  • We make the most of our knowledge of the international optics field. We find significant benefits, and keeping quality at a high level, we reduce costs and maximize margins.
  • Working together with experienced technical optics bureaus, allows us to develop new products every year, to adapt the existing ones to our customer´s needs, and to even create with house or private labels custom production series.
  • We are flexible at distribution by maintaining staggering margins according to the volume of manufactures hired.
  • If you lack of distributors in your country we will be pleased to attend your retail orders.
  • Every product we supply undergoes a quality control program at the assembby process and at the final manufacturing.
If you wish to arrange a business meeting with us, you can send and email here.
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